The Bootcamp + Digital Workbook


For the real nerds out there – get both! Download our Bootcamp and dive into three weeks of mind-bending insights into the power of humor. Then, walk-the-walk with our seven-module printable PDF workbook where you’ll complete assignments and mini-workshops using your real-life relationships and real-life, well, life.

More Details

Starting day one you’ll receive….

  • 21 days of coaching, lessons, and exercises in humor delivered right to your phone
  • Audio messages from Naomi and Jennifer each morning with a science-backed lesson of the day
  • Video examples of real-life comedians and leaders applying humor tactics
  • Daily prompts and challenges to help you apply these principles IRL
  • A printable 36 page workbook that you can write in and use in the future as a refresherI
  • Seven research-backed modules with chapter summaries from our bestselling book
  • Dozens of hands-on activities to put the insights to work

A few things you’ll learn from the Humor, Seriously Bootcamp + Digital Workbook bundle…

  • The science of humor and why it’s a secret weapon in business
  • The global humor cliff and how to start climbing back up it
  • The four humor myths that hold us back from using humor at work
  • A framework for understanding your unique humor style and the styles of others
  • Simple tips from comedians for unlocking a mindset of levity
  • Strategies for using humor at work, safely, authentically, and strategically
  • How to harness your signature stories as a superpower

What People Are Saying About Humor, Seriously

“Looking for fun needs to be a habit and like any habit having daily practice is great. This is an amazing way to get that practice even if we did not get a pet frog at the end.”
— Justin F.

“I had thought of myself as quite serious and not very funny. This course helped me to identify my humor style which gave me an opening to lean into it more, in a way that felt comfortable, and accessible. I am joking around and laughing with my kids more, which they seem to appreciate. I think it has actually made me feel less stressed as a parent (not a small feat!). This course was easy to incorporate into my day, and was so worth it!”
— Monica

“Gaining an understanding of how to incorporate humor in everyday life and circumstances has been invigorating! I especially appreciate the emphasis on cultivating JOY rather than focusing on how to be funny or get a laugh.”
— Diana S.

More Ways To Learn!

Mobile Bootcamp

Two-way SMS learning experience through audio lessons and text

Digital Workbook

Written lessons, reflections and real-life exercises

For Teams

Virtual team learning experience through Slack and MS teams

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