Humor, Seriously: The Bootcamp


This 21-day coaching experience offers a combination of audio messages and text-based prompts delivered to your phone. Together, they help you identify your humor style and how to wield it to build bonds, defuse tension, boost creativity, and bolster resilience in tough times.

* Testimonials from humans. Not from chickens.

* Testimonials from humans.
Not from chickens.

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Starting day one you’ll receive….

  • 21 days of coaching, lessons, and exercises in humor delivered right to your phone
  • Audio messages from Naomi and Jennifer each morning with a science-backed lesson of the day
  • Video examples of real-life comedians and leaders applying humor tactics
  • Daily prompts and challenges to help you apply these principles IRL

A few things you’ll learn along the way…

  • The science of humor and why it’s a secret weapon in business
  • The global humor cliff and how to start climbing back up it
  • The four humor myths that hold us back from using humor at work
  • A framework for understanding your unique humor style and the styles of others
  • Simple tips from comedians for unlocking a mindset of levity
  • Strategies for using humor at work, safely, authentically, and strategically
  • How to harness your signature stories as a superpower

What People Are Saying About The Bootcamp…

“I thoroughly enjoyed the humor seriously boot camp. It made me laugh, think about how I could infuse more humor into my day-to-day life and since the rule of three rules, it taught me to look for the funny everywhere.”
— Robin H.

“The entire process was so much fun. To be able to have a pocket full of humor with me at all times made my day. I often had others gather around me (family members) as I listened to a clips or watched a video. Since it was on my mobile device I was able to include others in the course making for deep reference to what I call my “humor meter” and the meter of my families humor. Not only could I use the humor in my workplace, but also my home space.”
— Michelle J.

“This is a great course that helps one understand the value of using humor in our professional lives. The course is delivered via SMS which is super convenient and fun. Everyday you get an interactive text that goes over a lesson. It was like I was ‘texting’ with the authors. Super fun!”
— Renata R.

More Ways To Learn!

Digital Workbook

Written lessons, reflections and real-life exercises

For Teams

Virtual team learning experience through Slack and MS teams

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