Humor, Seriously: Digital Workbook


Prefer to put pen to paper? In this seven-module printable PDF workbook, you’ll find chapter analyses from our book Humor, Seriously, alongside writing prompts and workshops that detail practical applications for humor and ways to implement them in small and meaningful ways. Your mission is to use these activities (and the levity within them) to bring more productivity, humanity, and joy into your work and life.

More Details

Once purchased, you’ll receive…

  • A printable 36 page workbook that you can write in and use in the future as a refresh
  • Seven research-backed modules with chapter summaries from our bestselling book
  • Dozens of hands-on activities to put the insights to work

A few things you’ll learn from The Workbook….

  • How to turn simple observations from your life into humor
  • How to shift your emails from transactional to human (hint: it only takes one word)
  • How to craft a professional bio that makes others want to hire you, work for you, or marry you
  • How to reframe the signature stories of your life with levity

What People Are Saying About Humor, Seriously

“I’ve learned (often the hard way) that the best way to be taken seriously is to not take yourself too seriously. My teams are always at their best when approaching problems with levity, which entails both humility and optimism and always engenders trust.’
— Eric Schmidt, former CEO and Executive Chair of Google (Alphabet)

“Eye-opening, hilarious, and absolutely original, Humor, Seriously will change the way you think on the job, about the world, and in your life.”
—Leslie Blodgett, Founder and former CEO of bareMinerals and Humor CEO Ambassador

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